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The saga of Jack Mac Paidin continues with this third installment of author Tracy Partridge-Johnson's middle-grade fantasy series Jack and the Magic Hat Maker.

Books One and Two were all about our main character, 12-year-old Jack Mac Paidin, and his friends and adventures.

In Book Three, however, we shift gears, going back in time to learn about his parents, Ross and Faith, when they were his age. We peek into their family background to determine if and how magic plays a role in their teenage years.

We learn more about those glowing rings and discover the mentor/apprentice bond formed between all magical people, members of both The Order of Light, as well as The Dark Cabal. Ross shares memories of his older sisters, Inez and Clara when they were younger. Through his eyes, we experience his siblings' relationships with their mentors, and we learn about Ross's magical abilities.

And then, of course, we meet FAITH -

The Patriarchial Blessing was a right of passage for all Latter-day Saint youth, and Faith had been looking forward to this event with great anticipation. She viewed it as a kind of psychic foretelling about what God had planned for the rest of her life. The blessing was supposed to offer insight and guidance, and she fervently believed this man was chosen by God and endowed with supernatural powers of vision and foretelling.

And Faith loved the idea of magical abilities!

So, as the patriarch gently laid his hands upon Faith’s forehead, she waited, with bated breath, to hear what God had in store for her.

“Faith Renae Portner, by virtue of the holy Melchezidek Priesthood and office of Patriarch which I hold, I lay my hands upon your head, and as the Lord shall direct, give unto you your Patriarchial blessing to be a comfort, benefit, and guide to you throughout your life in accordance with your faithfulness.”

Faith sat quietly, listening intently, as God’s spokesperson uttered words specifically for her. The hands-on her head radiated warmth through the top of her head, and she was surprised to find the heat beginning to spread downward, through her neck and engulfing her entire chest cavity. It wasn’t a suffocating kind of feeling; in fact, it filled her mind and body with a golden glow that was completely and utterly relaxing and peaceful.

“You are heir to your inheritance blessings through the lineage of Eve, Daughter of the Most High God. They are choice blessings and shall continually be increased unto you throughout your life as you prove yourself worthy.”

Suddenly, a bolt of brilliant light shot through her entire body, and the man’s words became background noise, as Faith was mentally transported, through time and space, to another realm. She found herself standing across a vast throne room; three massive thrones appeared across the expanse of a wide dais at the far end of the room. The thrones on either side of the central seat were blurred out. But Faith sensed two powerful male beings seated there. The personage in the middle, however, was clearly visible. An ornate, golden crown sat upon Her brow, and her long, flowing, golden hair framed a luminescent face. Her head was much larger and more elongated than a typical human face. Two brilliant blue eyes dominated her features, with her nose and mouth so diminished as to be almost non-existent. She was wearing full-length robes of white and royal blue that draped her body, much of the seat, and fell to cover her feet. The next thing Faith knew, she was lying in this goddess’s arms, gazing up into her face. The goddess was speaking, but her mouth wasn’t moving; she shared her message telepathically.

“My daughter, you are an angelic being of light. You are blessed, and you are loved. Now your journey begins.”

 Magic-lovers of all ages will be captivated by the exciting twists, turns, dark secrets, and enticing reveals as the intensity grows in this continuation of the Mac Paidin's adventure through time and space, reality and fantasy, and ultimately, one boy's journey for truth and justice.